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Introduction to Adlerian Play Therapy
Fremont, Michigan
August 4, 2023


Why THIS workshop?

Earn 6 contact hours! 
Adlerian Play Therapy, founded by Terry Kottman, integrates the concepts and techniques of Adlerian Therapy into the world of play therapy. This workshop describes the foundations of Adlerian Play Therapy as well as the four stages of building a relationship, exploring lifestyle, gaining insight, and re-educating/re-orientating. Engaging the child's parents and teachers, exploring their own lifestyles and their interaction with the child, helping them to understand the child's patterns, and teaching them skills for improving the
relationship is an integral part of the custom-designed parent and teacher consultation component of Adlerian Play Therapy.

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Play Therapy Training: Theories, Skills, and Applications
Fremont, Michigan
July 6 - 7 from 8-2pm


Why THIS workshop?

This training will cover fundamental knowledge of play and play therapy. Participants will learn the significance of play in childhood development. They will explore the
development of play therapy and will identify the
therapeutic powers of play. An overview of historically
significant theories will be identified and reviewed.
Participants will explore the basic theoretical and ethical foundations of play therapy, and will gain practical skills and strategies to work with children.



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