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“Toys are used like words by children, and play is their language.” – Dr. Garry Landreth

Play is a natural mode of communication for children.  Play facilitates expression and
exploration of children's inner and outer experiences. Young children often think in
concrete terms, as they have not yet developmentally mastered abstract thinking. This
advanced form of thinking is necessary to formulate and comprehend many verbal

communications. Thus, children often lack the necessary cognitive and verbal abilities
to articulate their painful emotional experiences.  Play provides the opportunity for
children to process and work through their difficulties in their own language.

We are committed to providing high quality play therapy services. We have a
Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor on staff who completed advanced postgraduate
training and received additional supervised experience in play therapy. Our clinicians
have a firm understanding of child development and utilizing play-based interventions
to treat childhood mental health issues. Our play therapists meet and maintain the
highest standards set forth by the Association for Play Therapy.

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